Sunday, December 7, 2014

Internship Overview

Throughout my time at Loyola University's Archive and Special Collections, I have learned a great deal. Prior to this, I had never had experience in archives nor did I have any experience in digitizing. This internship provided me with both. This internship taught me to use the skills I developed throughout my time at Loyola, such as organization and research, and apply them to a practical field. I learned how to survey material and learned to determine what information was important for documentation. I learned how to arrange a collection and how to maintain it. I also learned how to create a finding aid using the information and material provided. This internship also taught me the importance of archive work. Archive work is essential in maintaining collections but also assists others in finding information or artifacts that they have been searching for. By providing an organized platform, the archives department allows for easier research practices for the public. This has been a great learning experience to me and has continued my desire to use my skills as a historian in a practical setting.

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